our repertoire

Our Repertoire

Our repertoire includes a mix of English and foreign songs and encompasses many genres. We sing a capella versions of folk songs, protest songs, blues, jazz, pop, gospel and a smattering of comic songs. We often choose songs that are relevant to women’s lives both past and present.

Each year we introduce new songs to the repertoire. Some of our songs have been composed specifically for Wessex Women and others have been written and / or arranged by members.

You can hear samples on our Have a Listen page

About Some of Our Current songs

  • “Iqude”, a traditional Zulu song arranged by Gitika Partingten, is a morning song for women starting the day’s work
  • “Fellow Passengers” describes a feeling of difference when you are travelling in unfamiliar places, it was written by Mark Samuel, a West African man, after his experience of travelling on a train from London to Cornwall for the first time. It was arranged by Helen Porter
  • “God’s Gift to Women”, a bluesy number from 1930’s musical romantic comedy arranged by Helen Porter
  • “Lives in the Balance” A politically charged song by Jackson Browne first released in 1986 but still just as relevant today
  • “There Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens”: comic jazzy farmyard shenanigans arranged by Helen Porter
  • “Jane Belo”, “Tsmindao Gmerto” and other songs from Eastern Europe and beyond
  • “Fish and Chips Stomp”, a humorous song about the joys of fish and chips (in four part harmony!) written by local performer Mike Rawlinson
  • “Shadowlands” captures the haunting beauty of the Blackdown Hills and was written by Sammy Hurden especially for Wessex Women